Value for money trading

Bell Direct fees are great value, transparent and easy to understand

Everything you need to know about fees

The more you trade, the cheaper your brokerage:

Your first 10 trades per month 

$15 (up to $10,000)

$25 ($10,000+ to $25,000)

0.1% ($25,000+)

Your 11th to 30th trades per month$13 or 0.08%, whichever is greater
Your 31st trade onwards per month$10 or 0.08%, whichever is greater

When you place your trade over the phone, you'll pay $60 or 0.2%, whichever is greater. This applies to shares, warrants and mFunds. 

Online$30 or 0.1%, whichever is greater
Phone$60 or 0.2%, whichever is greater
Online trade$30 or 0.3%, whichever is greater + ASX Clear transaction fee
Over the phone trade$60 or 0.5%, whichever is greater + ASX Clear transaction fee
ASX Clear transaction fee - equity options$0.143 per contract
ASX Clear transaction fee - index options$0.495 per contract
Equity trade from ETO exercise or assignment$60 or 0.2%, whichever is greater
ASX Clear exercise/assignment fee - equity options$0.055 per contract
ASX Clear exercise/assignment fee - index options$0.385 per contract

Brokerage fees

Direct margin loanStandard Bell Direct brokerage fees apply
Third party margin lenders$15 + standard Bell Direct brokerage fees

Direct margin loan interest rates

Variable 5.80% pa

No fees, charges, or minimum balance:

$0 to $25,0000% pa
$25,000+0.10% pa
Live and dynamic data fees
Silver (20 minute delayed data)FREE
Gold (static live data)$10 per calendar month or FREE after 5 trades per month
Platinum (dynamic data)$27.50 per calendar month
WebIRESS (dynamic data)$79 per calendar month
WebIRESS & Platinum (dynamic data)$106.50 per calendar month


Other services

Real broker research


Comprehensive tax time reports


1 second placement guarantee

If your eligible 'market to limit' order is not placed in under 1 second, you won't pay brokerage.

Contract note delivery
Email alerts
Trade alertsFREE
Price and company announcement alertsFREE
SMS alerts (service registration messages are complimentary)
Trade alerts$0.55 per SMS
Price and company announcement alerts$0.55 per SMS
Other fees and charges
Off market transfer$55 per stock
SRN query$16.50
CHESS statement reprint$16.50
Fail fees$110 or 0.16% per day, whichever is greater