Our Backstory

Bankers see you as a profit centre, not a customer.  So imagine the difference if someone invested in you?

Over 12 years ago we set out to create the ultimate investing platform  that would enable every Australian to be better off.

A platform that we built and owned rather than license, to save you money and have more control.

One that was built by brokers, not bankers. One that did all the hard work so you don’t have to. One that made investing simpler, quicker and more intuitive.

Then we created the strongest portfolio of people in the market. No wankers.  No wafflers. No cowboys. Just experts who are the best at what they do and  help you make informed decisions.

Then we launched, and BANG! The GFC hit. But we not only survived, our clients thrived.  It’s why we’ve had the highest client satisfaction for 7 years in a row.

And we continue to better look after your interests, so you can do a better job of looking after yours.

Bell Direct is the online investing platform backed by brokers not bankers, committed to making Australians better off.